(Magyar) Fábri Lászlóné

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(Magyar) Nagy Réka

Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian.

Hédi Kis

Walking in nature has been running in my family for generations. I’ve sought the opportunity that challenges not only my stamina but also supports a worthy cause. Last year our Charity Walk team successfully raised funds for Hand in Hand Foundation, which buys precious time for families who raise disabled children. We helped these parents […]

Irén Balogh

Having raised fantastic children, including my youngest brother, I am lucky to live in a happy family. They all have grown up, so I have some ‘me-time’ too – after work, I spend time with my family, walk our dog, go for a run or hike with my friends. My grandmother taught me to be […]

Barbara Szűcs

I learned about Hand in Hand Foundation at OTP Bank’s hiking club. I have always sympathized with people whose life is more difficult but I did not know how to help them in actual fact. I found the answer in a programme organized by our club: I can support them through my effort, by turning […]

Marianna Olasz

I work at OTP Bank’s Commercial Banking Centre. I’ve been with OTP’s hiking club for almost two years now. I like leaving my comfort zone in exchange for immersing myself in nature. Now it is even greater pleasure to do so as charity walk, to stand up for this noble cause. I like helping where […]

Ilona Kapecska

Being a lucky mother of two healthy children, I do not have first-hand experience in the difficulties parents with disabled children encounter day by day. When I was a child I could not go hiking – we just could not afford it. That is why I was happy to join OTP Bank’s Hiking Club. This […]

József Géczi

I was always excited about the idea of being part of greater projects – greater at least for me – which are aiming to help others. This challenge is typically fits into such thoughts: individuals like us are creating something really valuable together. Common goals make good relationships, forging people together – and I am […]

Gábor Ambrózy

We like to challenge ourselves and reach these goals, but this means nothing if we do not use our skills and knowledge in order to serve others. I feel lucky as I am working in a place where this approach is part of our daily lives. The easy part of the challenge is to make […]

Patricia Draut

An old proverb says that if you travel alone you will go faster, but if you travel with others, you will go farther. I joined Liferay’s journey around the world to see how far we can go together. On a virtual map, and in living our values, while supporting and inspiring others to do the […]

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