DRÄXLMAIER Ironman Challenge

On the 27th August DRÄXLMAIER Hungary’s 30 employees will make the longest triathlon challenge, the 226km long Ironman race. We dedicate every step to pepople in need: to parents and families caring disabled children. You can support our cause by symbolically adopt a kilometer of our swim, run or cycling and making a donation to the Hungarian Hand in Hand Foundation.  Our fundraising goal is 333.333 Hungarian Forint (appr. 1050 EUR). Please be a part of our story. Let’s help together!

  • Mission: DRÄXLMAIER Ironman Challenge
  • Challenge: Ironman (long-distance triathlon): 3,8 km swimming - 180 km cycling - 42,2 km running
  • Event: DHS Ironman Race
  • Date: 2016. August 27.
  • Target: 333 333 Forint
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  • Team: DRÄXLMAIER Hungary
  • Challenge: Ironman (long-distance triathlon): 3,8 km swimming - 180 km cycling - 42,2 km running

Earlier this year we made a commitment to raise money for Hand in Hand Foundation by participating at a national Ironman championship. Finally the event was cancelled, but it couldn’t push us back from keeping our words. Now we will organize our own competition and we will help disabled children and their families.

On the 27th August DRÄXLMAIER Hungary’s 30 employees will participate at the company’s first ever sports competition, the DHS Ironman Race. We are not professional athletes, only engineers. Most of us hasn’t even participated in triathlon race. However, the goal of helping families in need makes us super-motivated. Nothing can stop us!  Please sponsor a mile of our run, swim or cycling. Your donation can also help us get further. Let’s support the Hungarian Hand in Hand Foundation’s efforts in helping people living with disabilities!

The Hand in Hand Foundation (literally, Kézenfogva Alapítvány) is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve life circumstances of people with disabilities, their families and professionals working for and with them.

The Foundation has developed a service model that provides support to families raising children and youngsters with disabilities in Hungary, which is called the FECSKE Service. It offers support to families of people with disabilities with the goal of lightening the load on caregivers so that they can regain and maintain their own physical and mental health, expand their social spheres, be active members of the workforce. In doing this, FECSKE staff improve the quality of life of all members of these families. The FECSKE Network dreams of a world where families with disabled persons can live complete life.

The service itself supports families to keep their family members with disability in the family care instead of residential care. The service provides home care and accompanying services in a flexible and reliable manner to families caring for disabled persons. The model is going on from 2007 in the six counties of Hungary, with six partner organisations.

In 2015 the Hand in Hand Fondation’s “FECSKE Network” provided high-standard caregiving services to more than 450  families. In addition to that, other programs of the foundation reached 3451 people in need.

Please, support our goal! Make it more!

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